On and on… Mirage has become a popular place in Kraljevo already on the opening day, in 1991. Popularity is difficult to maintain, but joint commitment, great service, even better atmosphere and vast experience are the key to success and duration. Now Mirage is a famous place of the city but also a “must go” for all those who are on a tour or for those who visit Kraljevo. During all this time, Mirage has created the offer based on the principle – there’s always something for everyone, and we offer the best, thus it is expanded to four locations: Pizzeria Mirage, Mirage Authentic, Extreme Mirage and Mirage Spherico.

Mirage story is still being created…

Mirage Pizzeria

Pizzeria Mirage – in the dictionary of our pizzeria there is no word “modesty”, and a rich menu and a rich dish explain why. Whether you’re for a solid breakfast, a good lunch or a light dinner (as nutritionists advise) in front of you is a large selection of pizzas, pastas, meal – salads, savory and sweet pancakes, soups, sandwiches, omelets… Heaven for stomach and hell for “hungry eyes”. Crispy pizza dough and fillings made from fresh ingredients of known origin, meet the taste of even the most sophisticated guests, thanks to their taste, aroma and natural colors. We didn’t forget gourmands who stick to chrono-nutrition – they are our regular guests and there are specially designed specialties for them. If you don’t have time to come here there is Mirage delivery – select from the menu what you want and call 036 318 318.

During the quarter-century in Mirage pizzeria many generations grew up, lots of love stories have developed, sorrows of love have been healed, many jobs have been made, lots of friendships have been strengthened… because quality is always in fashion!


Working hours: 07:00 – 00:00

Mirage Authentic Caffe

Authentic Mirage Café – If you come for the first time in café Mirage Authentic, you will spot, at first glance, the monumental sculpture as part of the bar. Though you might expect a “museum” style after this, you will soon realize that you are in the surroundings with the concept of comfort, functionality, roominess and subordination of guests’ satisfaction. Since it is in the very center of the city, café is the main meeting place of the day for friendly gatherings, business meetings or moments to relax with an overview of daily press and all with a discreet, pleasant music. During summer there is a garden which is located under the linden trees that were planted many decades ago.

There is also a restaurant offer both in the café and in the garden.


Working hours: 07:30 – 01:00 – work days, 07:30 – 02:00 – weekend

Mirage Authentic Restaurant

Authentic Mirage Restaurant – You will get out of the cafe by the staircase, and then you get in Mirage Authentic Restaurant and a completely different world opens up in front of you – an interior made of materials that always appeal to human nature – wood and stone, and pleasant lighting additionally gives warmth.

Food is a special experience. The menu contains almost all kinds of meat, fish, pastas, risotto, pottage and even much more, and there is also a rich breakfast card. Due to the fact that our guests often visit the restaurant with their families, we have also prepared a special menu for children. Great attention is paid to healthy nutrition and therefore everything is being prepared in the devices that are the last word of the technique.

On Friday and Saturday from 9 pm, there are Bohemian evenings with acoustic music throughout the year. With an excellent offer of standard drinks and an ever-rich selection of wines, and especially for those evenings, the chef has created a wine, beer and bohemian board containing the highest quality cheeses, prosciutto, sausages… All according to the most demanding hedonists.

Just because of the always good mood that „dwells“ in the restaurant Mirage Authentic, our guests decide to celebrate their important dates just here, which we are happy to meet. Holiday days like New Year or Women’s Day are organized with special care.

There is also a restaurant offer both in the café and in the garden.


Working hours: Sunday – Thursday 7:30 AM – 1:00 AM; Friday – Saturday 7:30 AM – 2:00 AM; Kitchen 8:00 AM – 11:30 PM

Mirage Extreme - Caffe, Pastry & Bakery

Mirage Extreme – Our policy is very simple – we always fulfill what we promise – extremely good pastry and extremely good sweet stuff. A whole range of local pastries, chrono rolls, croissants, sandwiches, pizza slice, family pizza, cakes and cookies are made according to traditional recipes and current inspiration of our pastry maestro, and there are also smoothies, shakes, squeezed juices, ice cream, cups. Huge space on two levels, interior, garden – all extremely comfortable, functional, pleasant, as we said – simply Mirage EXTREME.

When you don’t have time to sit down, there is an outdoor deck with over 20 types of rolls where you can have breakfast or a snack, and there is take-away coffee for those who have to wake up.

Birthday at home? You need a cake? Here is the Mirage Extreme! You can choose a cake from the existing offer, we will decorate it as you require and deliver it to the address.


Working hours: 7:00 AM – 1:00 AM

Mirage Spherico - Beach Bar

Mirage Spherico is connected with the words: summer, fun, relaxation, rest, dance, music, river, laziness, family, friends, love, cooling – because Spherico is a beach bar. The open bar is located on the bank of the river Ibar, and everyone who loves life can sit at the deck chair along the river or equally comfortable sitting sets under specific dome. The construction of sphere is a piece of art – like a harmless white cloud of blue summer sky, and as such gives you the feeling that you are out of time and out of the city zone, although you are in the city center. Space of the beach bar is huge, thus, crazy summer parties are very popular and frequent.


Working Hours: 8:00 AM – 2:00 AM

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